!Gaming Forum  Has anyone here played Warframe?  I got it for free on steam and have found it to be interesting, and a far bigger game then it seemed on the surface once I started playing.  I really could not beat the price of free. Thoughts?
just got my librem 13 inch laptop today.. can't wait to check it out .. now when will those librem 5 Phones be shipping again?
wow that's great. I can't wait to see how you like it and if it lives up to it's reputation.
Coffee .. in new cup my wife @Tanif Stephenson got us

Nice cups. Coffee please?
I'm more interested in that antique keyboard. That thing's practically a typewriter!
hehe only looks antique .. but it's clicky all the way and is usb with a windows/super key .. same thing at office / home
Looks yummy!
ok, happy about the update.. not so much that it killed all my preferences in the update.. but...



In anticipation for the librem5 I was thinking about how it is said to support html5 apps and was wondering how hard it would be to make a hubzilla html5 app (probably not much more fancy than a basic webapp right?)

That would lower the difficulty of making a Hubzilla mobile app substantially. As it is, the Hubzilla web page is already such an app, but it is limited by how the OS treats the browser. For example, a while back I added notifications to the native Hubzilla chat, which allows the OS to render notifications on behalf of the browser. The problem is that on Android, the OS stops executing JavaScript when the browser is in the background for a few minutes. Apple iOS doesn't let anything in the browser run in the background. This also cripples my Rendezvous location sharing plugin. If the OS would just run the webpage as if it were a native app, then we'd already have a useful thing as-is.
Hi I know this is an old post, but thought I'd let you know. Chrome and Firefox have implemented the Service Worker API so webapps have additional features. Background Sync is a planned API. Edge and Safari have both marked Service Worker as 'in progress'.

Service Worker and the related APIs can let any website behave like an app.
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Shh, "don't" tell anyone. You can still pre-order a #Librem5.

Iā€™m excited to have Tile


on my keys (via key smart pro)  and may add tile to locate more things in future
This is such a cool concept, but of course privacy issues and concerns blah blah blah, the usual, for example:
We use your Location Information to provide the Services and may use your Location Information to promote the Services or provide you with offers. However, your Location Information is never shared with other users unless you choose to share it through our Services.

What is cool about this concept is that it could be compatible with a FOSS, decentralized software platform. If the software were libre, you would know that your data was private (within some open and accepted model), and yet companies could still profit by manufacturing and selling the hardware. Since the hardware would have to comply with an open specification, they would be forced to compete, increasing the quality and lowering the cost of these hardware trackers.
yeah.. that would be ideal.  plus bluetooth itself is not really secure.. at least at 4.0  I have not checked to see if they fixed security issues in 5.0

@Channel One+ I don't think I ever tried this before but I noticed that when connecting to my hubzilla files via webdav and going /cloud/username I can see the files but any uploads give a 403 error.  of course via the web interface in the files app all is fine.
Has it always been this way or did I mess something up?  (I was trying to enable uploading with workflows on ios using transmit )

I generally like openfire as a IM server, but an area of fail for me seems to be the complications involved when trying to have applications talk to the integrated bosh server..  something like installing jappix and having it talk to the bosh server should not require it to be a plugin for it to adequately communicate. When it is not done this way you and up getting a message "Error >> Service unavailable"  quite a fail .  Just my two cents

test.. does this post from hubzilla channel ( make it to gnusocial?
Grant Stephenson is sleepy
Grant Stephenson is stupefied

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22 inch led monitor for 210 bucks total and a raspberry pi running latest OSMC
Open Source Media Center
No tv service required.. stream or watch local network content


Test gnusocial from red not Twitter directly
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Dr Paul Nelson - Colossians - vivification Col. 3:15

Recording should be available after 11 am PST


Dreaming.. Wishful thinking .. But still sounds cool graphine super capacitor?
Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds
by Seeker on YouTube

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somone scrapped off their bumper, and left it there..